Functions from the start!

Monday is the day!  I meet my freshmen students on Monday … and I am excited.

After our first day, we will jump into an introductory unit on functions!  While it can be a challenging concept, it does lend itself well to math lab activities.  I plan to use these two activities during the first week!

In this second activity I used Mr. D’s poster project as a guide:

Excitement is high … glad there is a buffer day tomorrow … a day for rest, relaxation, reflection!

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4 Responses to Functions from the start!

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  2. The independent/dependent variable activity is pure genius. I’m a sucker for cut & match activities, so perhaps I’m biased. Maybe after students complete it, they could devise their own creative versions?

    Welcome to the blogotwittersphereoverse!

    • instillnessthedancing says:

      Absolutely – they could create their own … and if you had time in class they could try to stump one another.

  3. brainopennow says:

    Bookmarked! Thanks for creating and linking to other sources on this activity.

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