file folder mini projects

I haven’t done any projects this year … many reasons why … but it’s time now to offer my students an opportunity to show me what they know in some other way than our usual tests.

My students need choices!  I’m hoping they will get excited about these four mini-projects!  Students need to choose only one.  One project is a review of graphing; a second project combines problem solving with graphing; a third combines art design with graphing; and the fourth invites students to write creatively.

Students will complete their work (maximum 2 pages) and affix their work inside file folders.  (I might choose to use 12 x 18 construction paper instead of file folders).


These mini-projects are variations of work shared online by awesome teachers!  Thank you!

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2 Responses to file folder mini projects

  1. Mary Dooms says:

    Great idea! I want do something similar for our upcoming ratios/proportions unit (6th grade). I need a variety of tasks specific to that concept; if you stumble upon anything, please let me know!

    • instillnessthedancing says:

      I’ll let you know if I find any! Thank you for stopping by!

      In the past with ratios/proportions I’ve connected with literature … Stuart Little, Alice in Wonderland, etc … had students design furniture/clothing, etc.

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