Lesson Planning – Systems of Equations

en lösning

en lösning (Photo credit: mattemagnus)

I enjoyed spending a few minutes planning ahead today … we start with systems of equations in January.  Unfortunately, students struggled greatly with their test on linear equations.  I am building in a review to support students as we add new knowledge.  One tool for our review is Julie’s graphic organizer on functions and graphing linear equations.

I plan to start our first lesson on systems with a typical puzzle problem … chickens, cows, heads, legs!

Then we will take a few notes … using a simple foldable.

Last, students will complete a partner practice.  Each partner will solve a system by graphing.  The work is self-checking; the solutions to the systems will match if their work is correct.

I’m looking for a way to include pictures of intersections to aid understanding for my visual learners.  I welcome your ideas!

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