transformation in context – classwork

Made 4 MathOur unit on equations of lines has been rocky!  Students are still on a very slippery slope as we head into the test next week.  We do have one review day coming up – I am trying to plan well for that work!

In the meanwhile, Friday we spent a short while on translations of lines in context.  What if we graph this first situation … and then the situation changes.  Students seem to understand graphing, lines, and equations so much better in context!  Yea!  Better celebrate where I can <smile!>

To conclude that lesson, I modified a task that was passed around in our PLC – Equations of Lines in Context.

I think I may create another similar task for our review in order to build on the success we experienced Friday!

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2 Responses to transformation in context – classwork

  1. Thanks, I uploaded that task. I like that it asked them to put things in context, it went in my list of things to use next year as we implement Common Core. I often download useful things from your site, I appreciate it.

    • instillnessthedancing says:

      Interpreting the meaning of our algebra topics (putting in context) is a strong focus of our program. I find that my students do so much better when our skills are put in context! Glad you are finding the work I’ve posted helpful.

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