mx + b lesson planning

We introduced the concept of functions in the first week of school.  Then we learned how to solve equations and inequalities.  Next we explored slope … first as rate of change, then as the difference between ordered pairs.  Now we are ready to merge these ideas in our study of linear equations.  We will start the unit with a data collection day in which we explore the ratio between head size and height.  Students will collect data, and use their calculators to find a line of best fit.  That will open the door for us to study the formula, mx + b = y.  In preparing that lesson plan I’ve put together 5 sequential activities.  (We have 90 minutes).

First students will do a short exploratory activity as they enter the classroom.

Then we will have a guided discussion:

Next we will capture a summary of what we have learned thus far in a web:

Last, students will work independently on the LINES activity.  They may get help with their team.  I will check off each row as they “earn” each letter in “LINES.”

I’m sharing this plan Monday afternoon with my PLC.  We’ll see if it passes muster … may have to make changes??!!

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6 Responses to mx + b lesson planning

  1. Katrina says:

    Hi There. Love these activities. For the Introductory Exploration part, are those two equations supposed to be the same?

  2. tootalltrees says:

    Love this idea! Any chance you have pdf/word docs that are not on Scribd?

  3. reilly1041 says:

    Ugh, LOVE these handouts but can’t download them from Scribd.

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