“can’t do without” tools

As soon as I decide what my “favorite Friday” topic is I find out that others have already posted those same things!  So today … doesn’t matter … I’m posting my “copycat” post!

The first tool I can’t do without is the Windows 7 Snipping Tool!  I use it nearly everyday!  I find just the right graph online, or need just a small section of a worksheet, or want to include just a few words from a post … the Snipping Tool makes all of that possible!  So easy!

The second tool I want to mention is the pdf to word converter.  I often find ideas, work that others have created and shared online … that have great bones … and make a wonderful starting place.  BUT that work is posted in pdf format.  I don’t have fancy software.  Love working with simple tools.  So I really like the pdf to word converter … documents appear in my email at just the right moment!

The third tool I use in class often I already mentioned in a blog … it is the instant online classroom!  I use the random name generator and the group maker quite often!

Our school recently purchased Kuta software … I don’t use it a lot … but for basic practice it is a good resource.  I like their logo … “no fluff, no jargon, just math.”  If I need 5, 10, 15 plain “naked” math problems, it’s the place to go!

Well … one more tool … an old algebra book … copyright 1986.  It has great ideas for routine practice!


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