Slope Stations

We are wrapping up our unit on slope this week.  Tomorrow we have one more skill to conquer … finding the missing value in a slope formula equation.  After I present the new skill, students will practice skills on finding slope in stations.

My stations are not cute like some others I’ve seen online but they are serviceable.  Students will work three problems to earn a “letter” toward spelling slope.  I have some extra candy … thought I might  let them spell “c-a-n-d-y” instead of “s-l-o-p-e” to earn a lollipop in class.  Seems my ninth graders have a sweet tooth.

You can download the sets of three problems for the Slope Stations here … and the Slope stations answer sheet here as well!  I put my stations in a write on/wipe off sleeve.  Each student will have their own answer sheet.   Students have to get each station checked off before moving forward.

In our next unit we will explore linear equations … learning the slope-intercept form of a line, the standard form, and the point-slope form.  I’m looking for great practice ideas for those skills!

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