Partner Practice

I didn’t participate in “My Favorite Friday” this past week but as I think back over the week, I find that I really like setting up Partner Practice.  Basically it’s a worksheet.  But there are 2 sets of problems.  Each set has the same answers as the other set.  So partners who are completing the practice get immediate feedback if their answers match … or if their answers don’t match.  So on Friday, I heard great conversations about finding slope when the answers didn’t match.  My ninth graders are not really into talking math … so anytime I can structure an activity that creates the opportunity for conversation, I get excited!

This week’s Partner Practice was just a simple basic “find the slope from 2 points” activity. It comes at the end of  a unit in which we have developed slope as rate of change; explored slope and its meaning in graphs and tables.  All of this led up to introducing the slope formula.

All my students completed this activity successfully!

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  1. Kristen says:

    I gave my kids a slope worksheet this week set up like this, too! Kate Nowak introduced them as “Row Games” and set up a shared folder on to upload to. Here’s the link if you want to check out what’s there!

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