Hats Off to YOU!

To be honest, my Favorite Friday topic is playing with the grandsons on Friday night!   Tonight we did the grandparent spoiling treat … took the grandsons to McDonalds for a Happy Meal, ice cream cone, and to play on the playscape!  Playing with the grandsons is the very best stress relief after a long week at work!

My Favorite Friday topic is Made4Math, My Favorite Friday, and MS Sunday Funday blog posts!!  These 3 “standing” blog days keep me thinking, reading, and LEARNING!  While I typically struggle with writing for Friday, I still enjoy that list!  Love to hear what’s been a hit that week!

Just like to say … I appreciate the teachers who are putting their thoughts out in blogs, sharing their work, their successes, and yes, even the flops!  Hats off to you all!

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One Response to Hats Off to YOU!

  1. instillnessthedancing says:

    PS … we don’t get a fall break … so this is one tired puppy … looking forward to Thanksgiving … expecting to be every so THANKFUL for a day off from school!

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