math club memories!

In past years I had great fun with math clubs.  I did not sponsor clubs that were intensely competitive.  Instead, I sponsored clubs at grades 4 – 8 that were exploratory.   We would explore math topics that were not commonly included in the core curriculum.

A few of my favorite resources included:

  • NCTM‘s Student Math Notes (now called Student Explorations in Math)  These are copyright protected but available with a small membership fee.
  • Cynthia Lanius’ website has fun math explorations suitable for class or clubs.
  • For my elementary students we worked various puzzles – like these or these!
  • We worked sample contest problems – samples at Math Olympiad
  • And we played favorite games like Set, 24, and Equate!  There is a SET tutorial and daily game online.  There is a 24 game online as well!
  • We read Theoni Pappas’ stories about Penrose, the mathematical cat!

I haven’t sponsored a math club for several years.  Instead I sponsored a writing club … which was different and fun!  If I were in an elementary school this year I would consider combining the two ideas … math stories, math poems, and math problems!

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