Made 4 Math Monday – posters

This is my first participation in Made 4 Math Monday.  I don’t feel like I’ve created much … I’ve been too busy reading all the various blogs … making notes on what everyone else is doing!

Like Julie I have created a few motivational posters.  I create them in Microsoft Publisher, save them as jpgs, upload them at Costco and print as enlarged photos.  I have only a few… hope to make a few each six weeks!



In our first math department meeting of the year today I saw at least 2 other poster ideas … so maybe I’ll make a few more!


One other project I’ve been working on are QR codes for my word wall.  My word wall is unit based … so the words are on the front bulletin board near the classroom door … and I’m posting only the words for each unit.  We have a BYOT initiative this year … not sure about all the details yet (I’m new at this district/school).  But I thought it would be fun to post the QR codes with the words … linked to a math glossary online.  So here are a couple of examples …

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4 Responses to Made 4 Math Monday – posters

  1. druinok says:

    Welcome to Made4Math! I love your posters 🙂 Can you share more about the QR codes?

  2. I Speak Math says:

    Oh! I used to just LOVE Microsoft Publisher! I have office but don’t have it now. I’m going to see if I can get it as an add on. Thanks for sharing your wonderful posters!

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