Foldables Conference (LIVE) Aug 14 @ 9pm ET

I’m attending this Foldables conference tonight … know it’s late notice for some of my friends … but it looks great!

I Speak Math

This Tuesday night at 9pm ET, I will be talking about Foldables on the Global Math Department!  The session is FREE and will cover:

  • Why you should incorporate foldables into your classroom
  • Different types of Foldable for different lessons
  • Planning an effective lesson using foldables
  • Foldable timesavers for teachers and students
  • Examples of actual foldables from my students
  • Question and answer time
  • Bring your foldables to share as well!

This is a live video conference where my Powerpoint slides can also be viewed as I talk and show you examples of the foldables.  There is a chat box as well for questions during the presentation.  The second half of the presentation will be show and share, where other teachers can turn their video on and share their favorite foldables!

Join me for Foldables, Tuesday night, August 14th, at 9pm Eastern Time.

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