stay on

“Whether it be a lakeside retreat or the journey of life, our expectations are our greatest obstacle to union with God in the present moment.  It is Jesus who writes all the lines, all the words, and all the letters of our lives.” ~ Manning

The poet, W. A. Dunkerley, wrote …

He only sees both sides of that dark vail
That hangs before men’s eyes–
He only. It is well!
Hope ever stands unseen
Behind the screen,
For knowledge would bring Hope to sudden death,
And cloud the present with the coming ill.
I would lie still, Dear Lord,
I would lie still,
And stay my troubled heart on Thee,
Obedient to Thy will.

Manning uses the words abandon, surrender to illustrate what Dunkerley calls “stay on.”

When life’s circumstances are difficult
The abundant life elusive,
Let go … stop grasping for control,
Hold on to the Master … the lover of your soul.

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