in his love, silent be

I ran across the sonnet below tonight in the few moments when I chose quietness, stillness. The sonnet reminds me that words are not needed between my Savior and me … that when I practice living in his presence, his calmness, his joy & peace … will consume me … and I will be enveloped in that quietness.

Love culminates in bliss when it doth reach
A white, unflickering, fear-consuming glow;
And, knowing it is known as it doth know,
Needs no assuring word or soothing speech.
It craves but silent nearness, so to rest,
No sound, no movement, love not heard but felt,
Longer and longer still, till time should melt,
A snow-flake on the eternal ocean’s breast.
Have moments of this silence starred thy past,
Made memory a glory-haunted place,
Taught all the joy that mortal ken can trace?
By greater light ’til but a shadow cast:
So shall the Lord thy God rejoice o’er thee,
And in His love will rest, and silent be.

The LORD your God is with you, 
       he is mighty to save. 
       He will take great delight in you, 
       he will quiet you with his love, 
       he will rejoice over you with singing.

May I be joyfully consumed tonight in quietness and rest … 

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