winter trees

life inherent
life unseen

bare tree limbs
winter’s fruit

branching, again, again
recursion, algorithm repeated

exile, redemption
delivered from death

life inherent
life unseen 
~original 2009 

During the same traumatic period in my life, I also found that going on
short walks around my house and hiking familiar trails in the
mountains encouraged the immediacy of soul I’d neglected. One day I
realized that the Psalms I’d just read were staring back at me in the
spent grass of summer; in stubborn little flowers pushing their way
through the cold earth of early spring; in unruly tangles of brush
bending into a dirt road; in the bluish, crystalline water of an alpine
stream. I began taking my camera and started “picturing” the texts I’d
read.   ~ Sally Morgenthaler

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